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Psychic Ritual


Regulating The Spiritual Community


The NSA is formed of an impartial committee of non-psychic people to regulate spiritual service providers all over the world. With an ever growing community across the globe, there are some providers who offer false services, counterfeit products or scams. 

The NSA are a regulating body who vets providers to ensure that the spiritualist community can partake in services and products with peace of mind that the provider they are buying from has been impartially and independently vetted to ensure they receive genuine spiritual services 

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NSA Approved 

The NSA regulates spiritual service providers with various covert methods such as, but not limited too; Mystery Shoppers, self-assessments, product testing and more. Should a provider become regulated they are awarded a certificate and are able to display the "NSA Approved" logo on there online presence. 

Providers are ranked with a traffic like system:

Green: Tried and Tested and certified as a genuine provider.

Amber: In review or unable to verify

Red: Tried and tested and verified as false provider or fraudulent.

It is the NSA responsibility to gather evidence on false providers and provide it to the police where they will enforce 'Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006'

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Watch out for our logo on any spiritual providers website. This means that they have been verified by the NSA. Verification takes months of investigating via forms of mystery shop and trialling their products. The decision is then put to the NSA committee and we award this logo along with a NSA certificate.

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